Adjarra Church


Planted 2013

This church was delayed in the beginning:  due to Dave’s death, Pastor Josue led the evangelism to plant this church over Christmas vacation.  Pastor Xavier is doing a wonderful job leading this church.  The church has been meeting between two buildings with a makeshift roof over it.  The lively worship team has drawn children who play in the open space behind!  They are hearing the Word of God without even attending church!  

A Proclaimer, a solar rechargeable device from the organization Faith Comes by Hearing, in Albuquerque, NM, has really blessed this church.  It shares the Word in the native language of Gun:  it has been very exciting for the people to hear the Word in their own language and is a wonderful teaching tool!  Thank you Faith Comes by Hearing, for this wonderful gift!

As of Easter, 2016 a church built for this growing congregation has opened its doors. 

Adjarra is near the border with Nigeria and there is a large influx of Muslims coming into Benin, seeking a safer place to live.  Please be praying that this church can interact in positive ways with these families and love them into knowing Jesus!

Church Photos

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Church - Adjarra