Current Prayer Needs

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Please contact: from the email address where you would like to receive the updates.  Expect the updates twice a month, around the first and third Saturdays.  Prayer support for Josue's ministry is the most important kind of support you can give!  Thank you so much for your desire to hear more about this ministry!

Current Prayer Needs

Praise:  12/2016  Prisca, Josue's wife, has felt led by the Lord to undergo surgery for a hysterectomy at a private clinic.  God brought everything together that was needed for success, and the surgery was performed on Christmas Eve.  Extra blessing:  the doctor found her appendix about to burst--if this surgery had not happened, she could have lost her life!

Prayer Need:  For Prisca's complete return to health!  She is currently battling infection in her incision!  May God fully heal her!

Urgent Prayer Need (of old, but it totally shows how God is in this!):  On Feb. 22,2015, 5 students began the first class on the new property.  On Mar. 1 they were attacked by 5 young men who were claiming ownership of the land!  2 students were injured with the machetes; all improvements on the property were destroyed, including the water tower and distribution system.  Answer to prayer: Donations came in to rebuild from the damages. 4 of the attackers were caught and tried in court; they remain in jail. Josue continues to pray for their souls to come to know Christ and for them to be released and then visit the Farm to see what it really is about!

May all fear be dispelled and God's ways prevail as the school forges ahead!