Avrankou Church


Planted in 2014

The trip to plant this church was phenomenal as God continually showed up in wonderful ways!

Jessica was so excited to be able to pray with the Muslim leader of the community to receive Christ at the medical outreach.  Jennifer prayed with the intercessors to remove the spirits plaguing the area and prayed with the past headmaster of the school where the outreach was held to release him from alcoholism.  Pam thoroughly enjoyed sharing God’s love with the children and led them to ask Jesus into their hearts with translator Ishmael.    Over 75 accepted Christ in the evening crusades. 

Sunday morning brought the first church service with Pastor Carmen’s sermon and worship led by Sinatou.  The farm students escorted a drunk in, who had tried to plant a church here years ago, and was so rejected he fell into alcoholism.  He wanted prayer to be released, and now attends the church regularly.

Idols of Avronkou

These are just the highlights of the week, in this village riddled with idol worship, and angry hearts that sacrifice animals and more to their gods!  Pastor Carmen battles these attitudes daily:  pray the community will continue to open themselves up to receive the Gospel!  This church is bringing the Light of Jesus into such darkness!  And the sacrificing tree, as huge as it was, has fallen down and been hauled away!  Praise God!


Church Photos

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Church - Avronkou