Ouidah Church

Planted in 2011

Pastor Felix has taken on quite a challenge with this church, planted in the city with such a dire history!  Ouidah was the slaving capital of the West Coast of Africa in the 1800’s.  Four countries had forts here to ship out the slaves bartered from the Dahomey Empire.  Thus the spread of voodoo and witchcraft practices as well as Cajun food flavors merged into the New World in Haiti and on to New Orleans.  Each year the international conference for witchcraft is still held here, keeping the people trapped in their idol and snake worship traditions.  It is very difficult to share the love of Jesus with these people, but those who have accepted Christ are committed to seeing the city saved!  The church is in process of multiplying to accomplish this goal!

Felix moved his family into the city from the country as his wife was expecting their 6th child to start this church.  She had to give up her business and begin a new one:  she now hosts a restaurant booth each day and is making a huge contribution to the economy of their household.  Their family has overcome much:  Felix has been persecuted with damage to his moto, electricity has been shut off to their home, and the children have had big adjustments in changing schools.  But they remain strong in their faith and committed to sharing the Gospel with the people!  Felix would love to begin a radio ministry as funding allows! (How Can YOU Help?)

The microloans through Gemach Project funded in this area have helped the women begin a variety of businesses.  This woman is thrilled to have received her loan!  With just a $100 investment, the families have food to eat, can pay school fees, and experience much relief from the pressures of poverty.  The church community has strengthened as the business owners meet weekly to learn Christian business principles and pay on their loans.  This money has been completely repaid twice and is now funding its third round of businesses.

This monument has been built on the beach at the end of the Slave Road—the last place where the feet of the men & women touched African soil, before being loaded onto the ships to be taken to the New World.  It is a grim reminder of how horrible it was to have been trapped by one’s own people and sold into slavery forever!

Idols worshipped along the Slave Road.  This area is packed with people in January each year when the international conference for teaching witchcraft practices is held.

Googouns demand payment on the streets for passage, especially from visitors!

The church that Felix leads is tackling all of these different traditions, to bring this city out of bondage once and for all as they find Christ!

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Church - Ouidah