Packing List

Packing List for Trip to Benin

Plan to bring enough clothes to wear for the number of days you will be on the trip.  Wash out items minimally by hand:  depending on the trip, your sleeping arrangements might change daily, might not have great bathing situations, might not have much water, and once the clothing is wet it will take a couple of days to dry due to humidity.  Plan on coming home with laundry that will be musty & sweaty!  Remember everyone else will be in the same situation and you won’t be in a 5-star hotel, but all your needs will be met!


  • 3-4 pairs of pants (guys) or skirts (gals)
  • Shirt/blouse per day of trip (plus 3 extras if not washing out anything)
  • Underwear needed per day of trip
  • Socks, even if wearing sandals (protects feet and keeps them cleaner)
  • 2 pairs of shoes:  comfortable, toe protecting, durable in rain plus shower flipflops (any shoes worn on the Farm must be disinfected by airport personnel upon return to US!)
  • Light Sleepwear X 2
  • 1 after-hours “lounge-y” outfit (not necessary)
  • Rain jacket/windbreaker/umbrella (only if you will use it/have it at the right time?)
  • Absolutely minimal jewelry (just emphasizes that we are “wealthy westerners”)


  • BIBLE & journal/passport/ticket/printout of trip insurance policy/reading material or project for plane ride
  • Sunscreen/bug spray/hat/daypack/fanny pack
  • Camera/batteries/charger
  • Thank you card stationery/notes for your presentations/pens/pencils
  • Whatever you are responsible for, for the team:  first aide kit/computer/video camera/etc.
  • Cell phone—last calls leaving US and first calls when returning! (Don’t plan on it working in Benin!)
  • Flat sheet (mostly for under you, but sometimes over)/pillow w case (airplane neck pillow works great!)
  • Campers toilet paper/flashlight/watch or clock

Personal Items: 

  • Absolutely minimal—due to weight and space in baggage
  • Bar soap/washcloth/towel (camping, chammy-type works great!)
  • Toothpaste/brush/floss
  • Glasses/contacts needs
  • Prescription meds/vitamins (count out what you need—don’t take the whole bottle!)
  • Malaria meds!!!
  • Shampoo/conditioner/brush/comb
  • Shaver/batteries vs charger/power converters?
  • Makeup is not needed!  Please minimize!