Josue’s entire ministry is based on prayer!  He prays expectantly, relying fully on the Lord!  That doesn’t mean Josue gets “his way”, but he fully knows that God will provide what he really needs, when he really needs it, so Josue waits until answers come to make his decisions!

Classic example:

In December, 2013, Josue had well drillers on the property of the Farm school in Toffo, trying to reach the much needed water.  Somehow his students and all the animals had survived for 4 years with no well on the land, spending a great deal of time walking to the creek to carry water back or spending much money to have it delivered.

The first well drilling crew got down as far as they could, about 30 meters, but no water came.  Another crew came in, drilled to about 60 meters, and still no water.  That crew ended up in a car accident with several very serious injuries, adding to the discouragement for Josue.  A third crew came in and drilled down to about 90 meters: still there was no flowing water.  Josue felt he could not throw any more money "down the hole" and was devastated, as his prayers had not been answered.  He knew God wanted him to create this Farm School but he also knew he could not continue on this property without water. 

But Josue did not stop praying:  he changed his prayer.  Instead of “give us water” he started praying for direction in how to go forward and then he began to pray for a new location that already had water.  And in August, 2014, God provided the perfect piece of land—river front property, closer to electricity and concrete to build with, on a paved road instead of a road that is a disaster to drive on, only 1 hour from his house instead of 4 hours or more!  God wanted to give him this wonderful gift, but he had to wait, and he had to change what he was praying for.  It is not about our solution to our problems—it is always about God’s solution to our difficulties!

We are blessed to report God's full provision to buy this piece of property!  The total price, $480,000 US, was paid off in full, on time, on Sept. 30, 2016!

It Josue had not stepped out in faith two years prior, for God to do this miracle, this property would not be his, for his Missionary Training School!

We have a growing prayer team that prays for Josue’s ministry, and an email list of updates that comes out twice a month.  If you cannot attend prayer time, you can pray as you are able.  

If you would like to get involved with Josue’s ministry in either of these ways, you will make a huge difference in this ministry and you will be encouraged in your prayer life as answers to prayers roll in! Participating in prayer for Josue's ministry is the best way to possibly be involved!