Dangbo Church

Planted in 2012

The Dangbo area was chosen as the location for this church because two small villages that have many resources were still not flourishing economically. They needed the hope and blessings of Jesus! 

Pastor Jonas (in native dress) began the outreach in this area through the youth:  he leads the largest Youth for Christ Club in the country!  

The worship leader of this church is a young girl (in orange stripped shirt) who has a huge heart for Jesus— she is an orphan, living with an aunt.  She was denied passing into the next grade, even though she had succeeded with all the work, as her school fees had not been paid!  But none of this takes the joy she has found in Jesus out of her face!

Worship LeaderShoeboxes with new gifts were donated and distributed at Christmas in 2014 to needy families within the church.  Many of the children have accepted Christ and have learned so much in Sunday School! 

Jonas and his bride Adele, as of 2015, are the proud parents of Bonnovelle (it means Good News!)  Please pray for the continued success of their church as they take on the challenges of parenting! 

And for the success in Misserete!  Jonas has now given the reins of the Finnekanme Church in Dangbo area over to Patrick (in photo above) so he can head up the church in Misserete area that has formed as a result of Gemach Loans.  Josue has needed help to administer the microloan money that he has received from Gemach, so his temporary solution has been to give out loans all in one area, to minimize travel and time to keep records of payments.  The result:  a large church has formed, with a building to solidify it all! And many who attend are finding the church and Jesus through the radio program that Jonas hosts! (How Can YOU Help?)

Church Photos

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Church - Dangbo