Medical Outreach

Medical OutreachThe process of planting a church involves a 3-day, free medical outreach in the village.  Josue has a group of doctors, nurses and veterinarians who volunteer their time to help.  Most villagers have little access to medical help:  there are only two main hospitals for the whole country!  It is also very expensive and their understanding of health issues is so minimal, they do not know what is really life-threatening or debilitating.  Fifty percent of the children die before age 5, from curable diseases!

Doctor Gilbert (in green) dreams of creating a traveling medical trailer, so he could take medical help to the people!  Funding and supplies are desperately needed! Jessica, in blue, has enjoyed serving alongside medical professionals of Benin with her ICU nursing experience on three separate church plants!

If you would like to be on a mission team and offer your medical expertise, you would be very welcomed! If you would be able to provide basic medicines like acetaminophen, ibuprofen or vitamins, glasses, knee braces, etc. for a team to take over, that would be very much appreciated. If you can help Dr. Gilbert create the mobile medical clinic, please share your expertise!  How can YOU Help?