Radio Ministry

Josue & Apostles -- Wiliam, Jonas, David, & LucienLucien, Josue's nephew and partner in ministry, seated on the right, has had amazing success with a radio ministry throughout the Pobe area.  He starts the program with a common topic, such as parenting.  All types of callers participate with questions.  Before long, all answers provided by Lucien are Biblical and much Truth is shared!  Lucien has created a team who can help with all the follow up on each caller.  There has been a high percentage of callers who have accepted Christ and now attend a local church near them, whether or not it is Lucien’s!  Lucien has now trained many of the pastors on Josue's team to share on the radio!

The cost is about $100/month, and the program is on and off the air as funds are available! Many pastors in Josue’s ministry have now begun programs on the radio--they just need funding!  William (seated on the left) has used his radio training working for a station in Cotonou.  Jonas, standing in print shirt, heads up the church in Misserete, where he is on the radio.  David, standing in blue shirt, has been a valuable asset to the ministry with his accountant training and willingness to do most anything!  So many more could get involved!  So many more could hear the Gospel message!

Radio airwaves know no boundaries:  These radio programs are heard by Muslims, idol worshippers, voodoo priests, and across the border into Nigeria!  Josue says all farmers have a radio on all day while they work! Home cell churches are popping up--they just need pastors! The first one will officially plant as a church in January, 2017!  This radio ministry has huge potential to reach thousands for the Lord!

As of 2020, Josue has been preaching on the radio every Monday morning, drawing a larger and larger audience, who are asking serious questions, as the Lord pursues them!  May they truly accept Him as their Lord and Savior! And rates are going up:  it now costs $300/month to be on the radio in Cotonou!